We need to protect our environment including water, air, beaches and green areas. To get more help and participation we need people to believe that they are part of the solution. There needs to be more "common sense" solutions with much fewer mandates. This is done by putting the power to make a difference in the hands of responsible residents.

For example, our restaurants are great citizens of our City. Let’s trust them to do the best job of recycling waste. Instead of onerous regulations which cause guest inconvenience and added expense for the restaurant and enforcement costs for the City, let’s encourage restaurants to do the best job possible to recycle. Give them recognition as a participating “green” restaurant and let them promote it, as well. Guests will feel better patronizing a restaurant with a high regard for the environment. There are many ways this can be done for residents, businesses, restaurants and visitors.

Let’s promote the use of electric vehicles by continuing to provide free charging in our parking structures. The cost to the City is minuscule compared to the positive impact on the environment that electronic vehicles provide. While electric vehicles are charged from our power grid which is producing close to half of our power from natural gas, it still provides less harm than emissions from gasoline. 

We have only four dedicated, sub-compact parking spaces in our downtown. Let's promote the use of smaller cars by adding more.

While on the Parking and Public Improvement Commission I proposed to adapt our parallel parking spaces to accommodate perpendicular parking to increase our available parking downtown without building new parking structures. More parking promoting the use of smaller cars- a win-win!

There is an old saying, “It’s easier to pull a rope than push a rope.”

Let’s all pull together to keep Manhattan Beach clean for us and future generations.


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