Joe got involved to help our valued small retailers and restaurants during the state-wide shut down. Realizing that the County was determining economic winners and losers Joe staged a rally to help convince the City Council to let our small businesses open, as they could be operated as safely as those big box stores deemed “essential.” The City Council came through and our retailers were able to open before the very important Memorial Day Weekend. The restaurants followed quickly after.

Our businesses are in the economic fight of their lives. The families who cannot send their children to school are severely impacted. And the children need to be with their friends and teachers to combat learning and developmental delays. I have the knowledge, experience and energy to continuously find solutions to help our residents, businesses and schools find quick and safe solutions to  this unprecedented challenge. We need to get the County to analyze Manhattan Beach’s infection and survival rates as a community, outside of the rest of the County, so we can help open our schools and businesses as quickly and safely as possible.

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