Our Police Department has an excellent record of service and strives everyday to provide the possible service to residents and visitors. They have the best training resources available. Along with a grass-roots group of residents, I am a Contributor and Volunteer for the ‘Thank You MBPD & MBFD’ sign drive.

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I support maintaining the current level of funding and funding for future needs for our Police Department to give Chief Abell the tools and resources he needs to continue keeping our residents and our visitors safe.

The hiring practices of our Police Department are extremely rigorous and include extensive background checks, authorized release of prior work records and even the administration of a polygraph test. Once an officer candidate passes these steps they interview with the Chief, who has 30 years experience in Manhattan Beach. Once hired, the new officer is trained for 18 months before being allowed to patrol on their own. This is why it is critical now to hire for future needs.

Manhattan Beach is now a national and international destination where we welcome all visitors. Adequate Police funding is needed for future policing needs like the expanded Manhattan Village Mall (which has a police substation), upcoming major sporting and entertainment events at the SOFI Stadium where fans are sure to include a visit to the beach and the 2028 Olympics.

The performance statistics of our Police Department, their excellent training, and rigorous hiring process set the bar high and should be a model for any municipal police force.

Sgt. James Franklin, USMC

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