October 8 2020

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COUNCIL CANDIDATE Joe Franklin: protecting those Manhattan Beach moments

"He describes Manhattan Beach as his “perfect spot” and says its a feeling that pervades the community, one that he wants to protect. 

“I call it these ‘Manhattan Beach moments,’” said Franklin. “We all have our Manhattan Beach moments. I go around and meet people and ask, what was yours? ‘I came here one winter from Chicago.’ ‘I came here because I had to take care of my mom,’  or ‘I came here because of a friend of mine.’ And everybody falls in love with Manhattan Beach. And if we’re not careful, we’re not going to have those moments.” 

His agenda begins with fully funding police and fire."

September 11, 2020

Manhattan Beach Residents Observe 9/11

Residents Gather to Remember 9/11

"The Ameses were among two dozen Manhattan Beach residents, all wearing masks and socially distancing, who defied the Los Angeles County ban on large public gatherings to meet Friday morning at the 9-11 Memorial in front of the Manhattan Beach Police and Fire department. Councilwoman Suzanne Hadley was the only city official to attend the event. The city hosts an annual 9-11 remembrance, but canceled this year’s event because of the pandemic."

Manhattan Beach Residents Observe 9/11"Manhattan Beach resident and City Council candidate Joe Franklin said that he had purchased the remaining "Thank You MBPD/MBFD" signs and would pay for more signs to distribute to anyone who wanted a sign or whose sign had been stolen or defaced. "

August 27, 2020

Neighbors Organize Donation To Manhattan Beach Police K-9 Foundation

Pine Ave Says Thank You MBPD & MBFD

July 30, 2020

Manhattan Beach Shows Support For Police, Fire Via Signs, Banners

Thank You MBPD & MBFD Signs"A grassroots effort by residents to show support for Manhattan Beach police and fire personnel has taken off. Free signs, posters available. The free signs and banners can be seen around town, posted in business windows, front yards, and other spots, and have become so popular, the group is on its fourth printing."

"This grassroots movement has now delivered over 1,000 of these signs proudly displayed in residents' yards! The group, which consists of residents Lucia La Rosa Ames, Joe Franklin (who has pulled papers to run for City Council), Michael Michalski, Maureen Denitz, Peng and Phillips, ... wanted the city's police and fire departments to know how much their work is appreciated and valued."

(Note- The signs are locally sourced in Manhattan Beach at The Copy Shop, 1811 Manhattan Beach Blvd, (310) 374-3666)


 July 4, 2020

Manhattan Beach Residents Hold Mini Rally on the Fourth

With no organized event for the Fourth of July in the City, Joe put one together.

That's when the "thank You MBPD & MBFD" signs were launched.





May 20, 2020

150 Rally to Reopen Manhattan Beach Businesses More Rapidly

“We’re trying to get the order changed,” said Manhattan Beach resident Joe Franklin, who organized the rally.





May 19, 2020

Manhattan Beach Urges LA County to Let City Re-Open Faster

Joe staged a rally to help our beleaguered small retailers and restaurants open before the critical Memorial Day Weekend. These are our friends and neighbors who have made an investment in our community and when they hurt, we all hurt. 

"Franklin said he believes the city has done its part in “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 cases and that businesses should be able to responsibly reopen with proper safety measures."

“What’s going to be different 10 days from now that we couldn’t achieve tomorrow?” he said. “They cannot make the money they need to remain viable by doing curbside service.”